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Those of us who serve on public boards have a duty to challenge the status quo and an obligation to constantly be asking why. If we fail to meet that obligation the results will be as predictable as they were with Enron.

In making that determination, the citizens would do well to consider one of the instances of alleged bad behavior cited in Hubbard commentary: the discussion of the district reserve fund policy.

made to improve accountability. The committee suggested a number of amendments to the agreement which were adopted.

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´╗┐Board members have a duty to challenge the status quo

In the discussions at the joint council meetings after the dissolution notice was given by Crystal, it became apparent that the failure of the query process was a major contributing factor in the decision to send the dissolution notice.

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Despite having two months lead time, district staff was entirely unprepared to provide information responsive to the query at the next board meeting. It was another two months before any kind of information was provided.

Beginning in 2007, Crystal and New Hope held a series of joint council meetings to discuss the district budget. The discussion at those meetings made it clear that the district budget was only the flash point and the real issue facing the district was accountability.

One of those amendments was a section that provided each city with the right to submit a formal query on any matter concerning the district.

In the joint meetings there were repeated complaints by several Crystal Council members about the failure to timely receive audited financial statements and the failure of the district to respond to specific questions about budget items in a timely and complete manner.

According to Hubbard, that discussion resulted in a consensus that no change was necessary. My recollection of the outcome of the discussion differs. Perhaps because I was one who was persuaded by a vigorous and forthright debate on the question that the reserve policy did need to be reconsidered.

However, Hubbard recent commentary (Sun Post, April 12) is misleading and requires a response.

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In an effort to address the concerns raised by Crystal, a committee was formed to review the joint powers agreement that established the district to determine if changes might be Nike Vapormax Plus Tropical Sunset

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At its most recent meeting, the district board changed the policy to reduce the reserve to 10 percent, thereby freeing up funds to be reallocated to other purposes that will allow the district to better accomplish its mission.

I have no desire to step into the middle of Brian Hubbard personal feud with Crystal Mayor ReNae Bowman.

it ran commercials with the slogan "Ask Why." The Enron board of directors failed to put that slogan into practice with predictable results.

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What was driving the budget discussion was a lack of confidence in the information that was being given to the councils.

Reading it one could easily conclude that the only problem facing the West Metro Fire District was the mayor irrational insistence on cutting the district budget.

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Before Enron collapsed, when it was still considered an innovative company and a good investment, Nike Vapormax Black Mens

Last July, Crystal submitted a query.

After one of the board discussions, the district accountant attended a work session of the New Hope City Council. He acknowledged that a reserve equal to 14 percent of the district annual budget was higher than was necessary and a reserve of 8 percent to 10 percent was adequate to meet the district needs.

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citizens of Crystal and New Hope can determine for themselves which better serves their interests.

Some who serve on public boards seem Nike Air Vapormax All White to define respect as always giving deference to staff and never questioning or challenging staff. Others see such service as imposing on them a duty to question, and when requested information is not forthcoming, to demand and yes, when necessary, even abrasively demand a full accounting.

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