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I not here to rewrite history and the truth of the matter is that Jazz was a very difficult cat to live with. Nominally my daughter cat, all that was required from Kate viewpoint was a gorgeous little kitten who could be loved and love in equal proportions.

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Be warned this was actually a challenge of the I bet I can scratch you before you can touch me kind and she always won.

Let be honest she was an integral part of the family life. Our son Nike Vapormax All White

A cat who would walk with you to school and pop back home to await your return at half past three in the afternoon. A Disney cat if you like.

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Only in the last year of her life did she gain any semblance of the social skills required to be accepted into polite society. But of course she was our cat and despite her sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies we loved her dearly and she will be sadly missed.

In trying to defend the council I thought it only fair to mention to Jazz that cats are apparently single handed ly responsible for the demise of at least 197 native species of animals and birds on a weekly basis, if some are to be believed, and that Uncle Ben were thinking of closing down their pet food factories as cats are gorging themselves on this smorgasbord of local fare in preference to Snappy Nike Vapormax Womens Purple

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Nike Air Vapormax Black Flyknit

It was a sad day that extended beyond these shores to our daughter in the Midlands of England and our son in Monroe County in Pennsylvania.

´╗┐Blues set in with sad demise of Jazz the cat

As much as we loved Jazz the reality is a little different. She was a bad tempered cat from day one and this bad temper lasted for 18 of her 20 years. Her ability to be civil, let alone lovable was only ever related to the amount of food on offer at any one time and in a quantity to be decided by her.

A loss in Nike Vapormax Asphalt Grey

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what, over Nike Air Vapormax Black Flyknit 20 years, had become the natural order of things.

summed it up on his Facebook page, Jazz. I can remember a time without you, sad I wasn there but it was your time I think. Love you xo. readers of this column will remember Jazz making a couple of contributions to the ongoing debate of all things council.

Jazz our 20 something year old tortoiseshell cat departed this mortal coil.

Jazz was too weak to get out of bed for brekkie and even a cuddle couldn raise much of a reaction.

A cuddly little ball of fluff to sit on the many laps on offer and lick you awake in the mornings.

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Nike Air Vapormax Black Flyknit

Nike Air Vapormax Black Flyknit

At three minutes past three in the afternoon she took her last breath. Yes there were tears and a deep rooted sense of loss. A loss related to just being there and being part of the family.

A summer day with freshly cut grass and there Jazz lying on her back in the middle of the lawn inviting a tummy tickle and looking as cute as a button.

That morning of the 25th my wife and I recognised that this was the day.

We all knew the end was coming, in fact had been for the last six months or so. And, just as with those humans in our lives this knowledge doesn and didn make things any easier.

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Nike Air Vapormax Black Flyknit


Her assessment of the proposed new regulations for registering cats back in October 2008 and the fact that they would be arrested if found outside after hours was direct and pithy in the extreme.

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