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the funding plan in conjunction with November's school board election.

Voters will be asked to approve Nike Vapormax Chukka Boots

The computers would not only be used in the classroom, but most students would take them home each day to continue their schoolwork.

Combining the safety and security measures with new technology funding would allow the district to fund the $6.8 million in improvements within the first three years of the 10 year levy.

Were that to be the case, the end result would be less revenue for the district, but would have "no possible adverse outcome for the taxpayer," Hibbs clarified.

Hibbs Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit White questioned what the implementation of the Chromebook plan would do for student achievement. "For the school board, it's all about academic achievement," he said.

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Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit White

The district's safety and security plans include renovating the main entrances of school buildings so a secondary set of secure doors is in place, and ensuring all visitor traffic is funneled into each building's main office. Classroom doors that can be locked from the inside and surveillance cameras are also part of the plan. The largest chunk of the estimated $6.8 million is for renovating the main entrances of the district's schools. The renovations are budgeted at $3.5 million.

technology initiative, and that students benefit from using 21st century skills in the classroom, Hibbs said he'd have stronger support for the technology plan if there was a target the district was aiming for, or if the district "had a way of measuring our success."

Doubling the district's levy revenue without impacting the tax base sounds "almost too good to be true," Boardmember Mark Hibbs said.

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The board unanimously approved a funding plan for safety, security and technology projects within the district during its May 28 meeting. The plan calls for $60 million in funding through a new levy that would generate $6 million per year. Voters will determine in November if the plan moves ahead.

tied to the implementation of a one to one technology initiative, Hibbs found little information. "At best it's inconclusive," he said, noting that the research tends to be funded by technology companies.

"Market values could go down," said Rod Zivkovich, the district's executive director of finance and support services.

In his attempts to research student achievement results Nike Vapormax Dark Grey

The financing plan is intended to fund the initiatives without impacting local taxes through the use of several financial mechanisms, including the replacement of the current technology levy, which nets the district approximately $2.7 million annually.

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Regarding the safety and security initiatives, Hibbs reiterated a previous concern that the recommendations are intended to address several issues pertaining to outside threats to school safety, but speak little to addressing issues inside the buildings. He said that beyond a task force that is to be convened this fall to review the district's mental health staffing, identification and intervention needs, the board has a responsibility to follow through on the findings of the task force and have the courage to fund identified needs in whatever way it can.

The Bloomington Board of Education said yes. Now it's up to Bloomington voters to do the same.

The funding plan calls for the district to implement safety and security initiatives recommended in April in conjunction with the district's long term technology plans, which include funding the purchase of Samsung Chromebooks a simple version of a laptop computer for all students in the district.

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Hibbs expressed several concerns prior to voting for the financing plan and opened by noting that one of the first challenges the board will face in gaining approval for the referendum is "communicating it effectively to the voters."

His clarification was echoed by Board Chairman Tim Culver, who reiterated that the plan calls for "no net impact on property taxes."

The Chromebook plan is predicated upon students having Internet access in their home, something not all Bloomington students have, but the district would address.

Acknowledging that there was evidence that writing achievement improves through a one to one Nike Vapormax High

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Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit White

Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit White

Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit White

He also questioned if there's support districtwide for the Chromebook initiative, noting that his queries of the district's bargaining units didn't initiate much of a response on the plan.

Bloomington school board says yes

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