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3. It can take anything up to six months to regain possession.

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At the time we did not realise how difficult they would become but, in February, after we tried to organise some repairs they had requested, Blue i decided that enough was enough and the best way forward for everyone was to regain possession of the house for the landlord. Experience suggested we should use our solicitor due to the tenants' behaviour. As it turned out, that was the correct decision.

A WHILE ago a new landlord asked Blue i to take on the management of a house because they were going abroad but there was a catch: the tenants, who had been in the property for four years, had started to cause problems.

When we finally gained entry to the property, we discovered the tenants had caused damage inside the property including super gluing the fridge door shut.

Nike Air Vapormax Khaki

Nike Air Vapormax Khaki

None of this was helped by the fact the tenants had refused to answer our correspondence.

Nike Air Vapormax Khaki

Nike Air Vapormax Khaki

4. Landlords should budget for legal costs, potential lost rent and possible repairs.

As expected, the tenants stopped paying rent as soon as the Section 21 notice was served. Eventually, a Section 8 notice was issued, but when they refused to leave the property, Blue i had to issue a "possession order".

of this took time but during one of our regular external property inspections it became apparent they had left of their own accord. As we had started the eviction process, we had to follow the court's timeline, which was frustrating to say the least.

There are two ways a landlord can regain possession of the property Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Review

If you have any Nike Air Vapormax The Ten

Nike Air Vapormax Khaki

Nike Air Vapormax Khaki

Nike Air Vapormax Khaki

1. Successful letting starts with credit and character referencing.

without citing a reason. Nike Air Vapormax Khaki If a tenant is behind with their rent, they can be served a Section 8 notice. In this particular case, rent was up to date. Therefore, the way forward was to issue a Section 21 notice, which gives a landlord an automatic right of possession without having to give a reason once the fixed term of the lease has expired, though the tenant has to be given two months' notice.

Nike Air Vapormax Khaki

concerns regarding a tenant, call Blue i on 01332 371661 to discuss how we can help take the stress out of being a landlord. Managing your own property to save a few pounds can prove a false economy.

So, what can be learned from this case study?

Of course, all Nike Air Vapormax Womens Pink

2. There are two ways to regain legal possession of a property.

´╗┐Blue i Properties director William offers advice on handling problem tenants

Nike Air Vapormax Khaki

Nike Air Vapormax Khaki

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