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community again.

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This resulting success led the city and county to declare affordable housing a basic human right in 2024, and create an entitlement program to ensure that no one in the community is homeless or poorly housed.

When we asked Bob Erlenbusch to share what he hopes Sacramento will be like in 25 years for SN quarter century anniversary issue, the outspoken homeless advocate went a little overboard. He didn just tell us what he thinks Sacramento can become in the year 2039 dusted off his crystal ball and projected what will happen throughout the next quarter century. If he right, the year 2024 will be a big turning point in the effort to end homelessness for good.

As a result, Sacramento in 2039 celebrates being one of the most truly integrated and inclusive communities in the nation. The annual Us parade draws more than 100,000 people.

A major component of that effort expanded Sacramento inclusionary housing ordinance to mandate that 20 percent of all new housing must be affordable to extremely low income people.

This effort was praised by a retooled Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce, which renamed its Next Economy campaign, Economy for All, to ensure an economy that worked for people with disabilities, youth, communities of color, women and homeless and low income people, who were on the verge of being dramatically left behind in 2014.

Here now is his complete vision of the future, minus the talking robots:

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Additionally, the county reversed the trend of homeless children in the school system, which reached a peak in 2020 with over 20,000 homeless youth between preschool and 12th grade double the number in 2014. The county created a Homeless Education Fund, and reaffirmed the right of every student to a good education. 2039 will mark the college graduation of the 10,000th formerly homeless student.

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that we are located on a river evoking the phrase, justice flow down like water and righteousness like an ever lasting Nike Air Vapormax Mid stream. The agreement, tied to the construction of the new Kings arena, resulted in the hiring of well over 1,000 homeless and very low income people and generated more than $50 million for the city and county affordable housing trust fund.

2039 also marks the 15th anniversary of the repeal of the city anti camping ordinance, which came with a declaration that it was unjust to try to our way out of homelessness and instead reaffirmed the basic human right to a decent home with the passage of the Sacramento Homeless Bill of Rights.

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As part of an effort to combat food insecurity, officials also required all affordable housing and civic improvement projects to include community gardens.

2039 will mark the 95th anniversary of Franklin Delano Roosevelt State of the Union address to Congress, often referred to as the Bill of Rights or the Bill of Rights. Among these rights, FDR reaffirmed the to a living wage; the right to be free from hunger; the right of every family to a decent home; the right to good health and the right to a good education. For me, it is important Nike Vapormax Platinum Mens

Finally, 2039 marks the 15th anniversary of the conversion of programs like Loaves Fishes, Women Empowerment and River City Food Bank into local museums of so that the next generations will never forget Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Purple

´╗┐Bob Erlenbusch thinks Sacramento can end homelessness

or allow the human pain of hunger and homelessness and the systemic policies that supported them in our Nike Air Vapormax Black Anthracite

These funds leveraged the California Housing Trust Fund, created by the California Homes and Jobs Act (SB391), to build over 1,500 units of affordable homes in our community.

The city and county coupled this effort with a full employment program for homeless and very low income people in all civic improvement projects, and gave local businesses incentives to hire homeless and low income people to jobs with living wages and full benefits. The city was particularly focused on corporations like Walmart, which was known for hiring low wage workers.

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