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The firm, which will build the trains in Germany, was selected ahead of Derby based Bombardier, which has so far shed 1,400 jobs at its Litchurch Lane plant since missing out on the deal.

But the Department for Transport said that the procurement process laid down by the previous Labour government and EU law prevented it from including factors such as lost taxes and payments to workers who would be made redundant.

The platform might not have been built in Derby but the money would have been paid to Bombardier as a company, thus enabling them to continue supporting many Derby workers with other minor projects and the many British suppliers and their employees.

that it has the power to call the contract back in at any time.

Campaigners, including politicians, unions, business leaders and the public, are calling on the Government to call the contract back in and apply these factors.

´╗┐Bombardier supporters prepare for MPs' hearing

"You appear to have a rather narrow view of business and supply chain management"

SUPPORTERS of a campaign to overturn a Government decision to award a billion rail contract to German manufacturer Siemens are preparing to give evidence at the House of Commons.

Government from doing so.

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He has previously suggested that the Government could still award a portion of the Thameslink deal to Bombardier a move that would not breach EU law.

They believe this could have made the difference between the bids submitted by Bombardier and Siemens.

The Unite union, which is one of four unions campaigning to get the Thameslink decision reversed, will also give evidence as will Bombardier management.

You appear to have a rather narrow view of business and supply chain management. The government's (Labour) was despicable naive at best and 'corrupt' at worst. In the current climate you fight for every contract, you don't give them away however small the reward.

But it admitted that it did not take into account the impact on the UK economy if Bombardier did not get the work.

At next month's evidence session, Chris Bovis, professor of European business law at the University of Hull, has been called as a witness.

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"The UK is a leading force in public sector management and the time is ripe to introduce innovation and reforms in public procurement in order to create the necessary conditions for much needed economic growth."

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Supporters of a campaign to reverse the decision believe that if the Government had considered these socio economic factors, then Bombardier's bid would have won.

The Government's own invitation to tender also stipulates Nike Vapormax All Red

On Wednesday, September 7, the Transport Select Committee will hold an oral evidence session on UK rolling stock procurement.

In a report it compiled, called Knowing What To Do? How Not To Build Trains, it said the Government would lose million a year in tax contributions.

I say you are naive if you Nike Vapormax Flyknit All Black

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Senior academics and union leaders are being lined up to give their views on the way the Government has handled the procurement process for the Thameslink contract.

The system used by the coalition saw Siemens named preferred bidder for the deal to build 1,200 carriages.

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MPs will also hear arguments from Siemens, the European Commission and the Railway Industry Association, as well as the views of the Department for Transport and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

I am good Nike Air Vapormax Orange at what i do, like everyone is at Bombardier Derby. I want a future for me and generation to come in manufacturing in the UK on merit, we are not like the banks WE DO NOT WANT A BAIL OUT WE JUST DON'T WANT TO BE SOLD OUT by a shortsighted government LAB/CON or LIB

Representatives from the ESCR Centre for Research on Socio Cultural Change, at the University of Manchester, will also speak.

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When the decision was announced in June, the Government said that it had chosen Siemens because its bid represented the best value for money for the UK tax payer.

Professor Bovis said: "The session will be an opportunity to investigate the Thameslink procurement process and gather evidence from stakeholders. The most important feature of its findings would be to recommend best practice and demonstrate the indissoluble link between procurement and strategic capability in the UK rail stock infrastructure.

think Bombardier win orders to support Derby factory, if they have the capacity to build in the rest of Europe and get no support from British government why stay?

Senior academics have said there was nothing in UK or EU law that would prevent the Nike Vapormax Gold And White

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