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everyone the impression at celebrations that they know the suffering that the lower and middle classes endured and went through. Nothing could be further away from the truth and where one has only to look at how they treat Alan Turing, a prosecuted homosexual, who some say we could not have won the war without him. Indeed some have said that Turing's work probably saved at least 3 million lives.

Within days, one had been found.

"The soldiers were dreadfully seasick because they weren't used to Nike Air Vapormax Plus Release Date

At the end of the war, George was transferred to the heavy cruiser HMS Devonshire and went out to Australia. On board was another fellow Derby man, the late Henry Wilmot.

But when it came to saving his life and allowing him to have a job after the war, the

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'Bodies were in the sea and there was slaughter on Omaha beach'

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She helped in the sinking of four German U boats.

There were two other men from Derbyshire on board the Vidette at the time, one from Chesterfield and one from Ripley.

such conditions."

Establishment did absolutely nothing. Indeed they made his life a misery and where through the laws that they had enacted, Turing could not get another job and where he was before his conviction going to take up an academic appointment in the USA. They even took this away from him so he could not work. Being chemical castrated in the process and having no future, as all had been taken from him, it was the Establishment that ultimately caused Turing to take his own life through suicide. That is how the Establishment in reality acts and where their fronting of anything to do with D Day is a disgrace and where they are basically hypocrites.

on D Day cannot be exceeded. For they knew that they may not live that day out and where thousands did not.

The D Day Landings were not the first major operation of the war which George had been involved in.

He said: "We were supposed to go over to France for the landings on June 5 but Nike Air Vapormax Tn Hybrid the weather was so dreadful that the assault had to be put back.

George was then posted to Hong Kong, where he served on the sloop HMS Hind which was carrying out anti pirate patrols between Hong Kong and Shanghai.

HMS Vidette was his first ship after he had completed his training.

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He believes he is now one of only three men still alive who were on board the Vidette for the D Day Landings.

The bravery of those who went to liberate Nike Vapormax Blue Grey

"So many were slaughtered on that beach and in the landing crafts and water before they even got there.

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Nike Air Vapormax Tn Hybrid

George, 88, was living in Kedleston Street, Derby, when he enlisted in the Royal Navy in 1943 at the age of 17.

Seventy years ago today, the Allies launched their invasion of Normandy in a massive military operation which came to be known as the D Day Landings. Jane Goddard talks to one of the men who was there at this crucial moment in our history.

When he joined the Vidette she was being used as a long range escort destroyer and served with Vice Admiral Sir Peter Gretton's "B7" escort group in the crucial battles around convoys HX 231, ONS 5 and SC 130 in the Battle of the North Atlantic.

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Tomorrow, read Les Calladine's amazing story of how he helped to win the war and the part he played in the D Day landings.

But what gets me is how the Establishment, who are never in the 'front' line of any conflict, not even D Day to lead by example, get on their high horses and try to give

Sadly, Mr Weaver died in 1992, just a year short of special Battle of the North Atlantic 50th anniversary commemorations which were held in Liverpool in 1993 and were attended by Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

George was reunited with Bill Weaver, of Lynton Street, Derby, whom he had not seen since the D Day Landings.

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Several years ago, George made an appeal through Bygones to trace his fellow sailors.

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He came out of the Royal Navy after five years in 1948 and, a year later, married Frances, his wife of 65 years.

IT is something in his past that George Winfield doesn't like to talk about the truly dreadful sights and sounds of the D Day Landings.

"The beach was supposed to have been bombed in advance to provide craters for the infantrymen to shelter in from the German guns, which were positioned on the cliffs above, but it never happened.

"There were bodies everywhere in the water. It was a dreadful sight truly awful."

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