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Air Marshal Binskin said diggers in Oruzgan were already operating at a level of force protection beyond current ISAF requirements.

tragic news to be delivered back home yesterday.

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Other soldiers grabbed their own weapons. They fired back at the Afghan as he bolted for the mountains, scaling the base's perimeter fence amid a spray of Aussie bullets that missed their target.

Less than four hours after the shooting, at 2.17am local time yesterday, a group of Australian special forces soldiers were aboard an International Security Assistance Force helicopter in the Helmand province.

Another two Australians were also wounded, including one from serious gunshot wounds requiring evacuation to the multinational base at Tarin Kowt, where they last night remained in a satisfactory condition.

But the shared occupation is being scaled back as Australian forces withdraw toward Tarin Kowt as part of the transition phase before Australian troops Nike Vapormax Black Fog start winding up operations and returning home late next year.

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However, it is known the chopper was attempting to land during an insertion when trouble struck.

The early morning operation is still ongoing, with most details classified.

"We do know that he acted alone, he was a single shooter . he did kill those Australian soldiers then jumped over a fence and fled on foot," he said.

There was no evidence of enemy interference or anything suspicious, just an apparent accident, Air Marshal Binskin said yesterday as questions lingered over the apparent betrayal by the ANA soldier in the first incident at the Wahid Patrol Base.

Amid the harsh and rugged mountains lining either side of the green zone agricultural lands in the Baluchi Valley, a group of Australian soldiers sat around under night skies at their home away from home.

Many bases in the Baluchi Valley have been shared between Australian soldiers and the ANA during the war in Afghanistan.

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The hunt is on to locate the gunman, he said.

International Security Assistance Force spokesman Major Adam Wojack told ABC Radio the gunman was a lieutenant by the name of Hek Matola, a guard at the Australian patrol base.

The other two a 23 year old private posted to the 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment and a 21 year old sapper posted to the 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment were on their first operational deployment.

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It was about 10.30pm, the end of another day at the Wahid Patrol Base about 20km north of the main Australian base at Tarin Kowt, in the country's Oruzgan province.

Colleagues rushed to the three most seriously wounded and tried to revive them, without success.

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The Afghan opened fire at close range with an automatic weapon on five Australians with a "burst" of bullets.

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after previous deployment to Iraq.

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It was not the only Nike Vapormax Underneath

The three dead there included a lance corporal, 40, of the 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment Queensland Mounted Infantry on his second tour to Afghanistan Nike Air Vapormax No Laces

But the incident yesterday had now forced ADF chiefs to order enhanced measures for all Australian personnel working with Afghan commanders until further notice.

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Two 2nd Commando Regiment Diggers on board a private, 30, who had been on several operational tours, and a 23 year old private on his second tour of Afghanistan became numbers 37 and 38 on the list of Afghanistan war dead.

Air Marshal Binskin could not say whether the apparent ANA rogue had snuck up on the Australians or been talking with them at the time of the attack.

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An ISAF air crewman was injured.

The Diggers were talking, sharing stories, doing what mates do, when a man "wearing an Afghan National Army uniform", thought to be an ally, went rogue.

´╗┐Bloody betrayal in a moment of mateship at Wahid Patrol Base

The dead trio all Brisbane based with the 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Nike Air Vapormax Ice Flash Pack Grey

"It appears the helicopter has landed and rolled over," Air Marshal Binskin said yesterday.

became numbers 34, 35 and 36 of the Australian death toll for the war in Afghanistan since 2002.

Australians, already reeling at emerging details of the apparent shocking "green on blue" attack of the rogue ANA soldier, were rocked by news of another tragedy in a province to the south.

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