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Nike Vapormax Bred On Feet

was one of five chosen for the online voting that is underway.

she was contacted about the contest and asked to submit a video explaining her concept as part of the semifinal round of the contest. She did, and her proposal Nike Vapormax Grey

Nike Vapormax Bred On Feet

She's also passionate about reducing waste. Her pitch for The Hero Store notes that the United States contributes 152 billion pounds of packaging and containers to landfills every year. By rethinking the way a grocery store does business, Chan is convinced her concept would eliminate waste, everything from packaging to paper receipts at the checkout line, through the use of paperless receipts, she explained.

Nike Vapormax Bred On Feet

Her concept would work for household cleaners, such as dish soap and laundry detergent, as well as personal products, such as shampoo and soap, but she plans to limit the concept to food products initially in order to prove that the concept works.

Nike Vapormax Bred On Feet

Chan's proposed grocery Nike Vapormax Bred On Feet store, known as The Hero Store, combines several of her passions

Chan's idea may be just a dream at this point, but it's a dream she's working toward realizing. And if others find her dream to be worthwhile, she could earn $5,000 toward development of her concept.

Her graduate studies are geared toward a career that will have an impact upon the world, she said: "What is it I can do to drive change?"

"I've always been very passionate about wellness and natural foods," she said.

"Maybe that will be phase two," she said.

Because consumers would not be bound by the pre determined packaging sizes for products, "you can buy just the quantity that you need," Chan explained. "You're giving the consumers that control."

The convenience would be a benefit, but it's not the motivation behind a Bloomington woman's idea for a new grocery store concept.

Beyond the dispensing of beans, oatmeal, pasta, rice and other dry goods, companies have to be willing to provide the product without the benefit of packaging to promote their brand, she noted. Companies value the identity their packaging creates, she acknowledged. One possible solution would be having companies provide reusable containers for Hero Store customers and imprint their logo and other information on the container, she said.

Although Chan brainstorms and researches ideas for The Hero Store, she's not doing so alone. She has discussed Nike Air Vapormax Black

Nike Vapormax Bred On Feet

Her idea presents several challenges. Selling fruits and vegetables and convincing customers to bring reusable containers for transporting them is a workable idea. But in order for The Hero Store to work, customers have to be willing to dispense refrigerated and frozen dairy products, such as milk, butter and ice cream, into reusable containers, too. How customers would dispense their dairy products in a sanitary way is one of the challenges that require further study, she explained.

Holly Chan's goal is to create a zero waste grocery store, where customers bring their own reusable containers or purchase pre packaged products in fully recyclable packaging.

Nike Vapormax Bred On Feet

The magazine awards annual entrepreneur prizes in three categories established, emerging and college and it's up to the readership to decide whose idea is best. If Chan wins the College Entrepreneur of 2013 award she'll receive $5,000 toward developing her concept.

Nike Vapormax Bred On Feet

Bloomington entrepreneur envisions a better grocery store

The 23 year old is a 2008 Bloomington Jefferson High School graduate and a graduate school student at Purdue University. Her undergraduate degree at Purdue was in technology, leadership and innovation in Purdue's college of technology. She's now one year into her graduate studies in sustainability through the college of technology.

Nike Vapormax Bred On Feet

Wouldn't it be convenient to go to a grocery store and buy a cup of sugar instead of a five pound bag?

Products such as raw meats may need to be pre packaged in order to sell them safely, and that's where recyclable packaging would come in, she noted.

Nike Vapormax Bred On Feet

Nike Vapormax Bred On Feet

One of her ideas is the zero waste grocery store. And it's a good one, evidently. She had already drafted the concept for her grocery store when she read about an annual Entrepreneur Magazine contest. She quickly submitted her information into an online entry form and proceeded to forget about it for the next few months until Nike Air Vapormax Red

the idea in detail with two of her classmates, and hopes that when the time comes she will be able to assemble both the brainpower and the investment necessary to develop the concept.

Nike Vapormax Bred On Feet

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