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Nike Vapormax Chukka Slip Black

upon his book. A friend found his story to be fascinating, and encouraged him to chronicle it.

His numerous medical procedures following the accident, his hopes and fears, and the people that helped him through his 14 months of recovery are chronicled in exhaustive detail, as if Peters had been keeping a journal of his experiences throughout his rehabilitation.

What Peters learned in the days that followed was that he had dislocated vertebrae, which crushed his spinal cord. He was also lucky to be alive, he was told, but he would never walk again, and he wasn't expected to live past 40.

Adapting to his new life wasn't enough for Peters. He became an accessibility advocate, lobbying to make life in Bloomington easier for himself and others with a disability. Peters has served on numerous committees pertaining to accessibility issues, and was honored by Bloomington Nike Vapormax Plus Triple Grey

Nike Vapormax Chukka Slip Black

Nike Vapormax Chukka Slip Black

"Not only is his story inspirational, he tells it in a way that makes you want to keep reading," said Alicia Ester, an editor and book mentor at Beaver's Pond Press. "He's got a humorous, down to earth voice, and a knack for including small details that really set the scene. I don't think a reader could come away from the book without admiring Bob and wanting to learn more about all that he's done for disability awareness."

"That was 13 years ago," he said.

In the poker game of life, Bob Peters of Bloomington was dealt a winning hand.

Nike Vapormax Chukka Slip Black

Nike Vapormax Chukka Slip Black

to why he couldn't move his arms or pick himself up out of the water.

Entertaining his nieces and nephews in the lake on a hot July afternoon, Peters a 24 year old newlywed was splashing about, performing belly flops in the shallow water as a way to generate big splashes. Having had his fun, Peters was ready to call it quits, but the children egged him on. He acquiesced, and decided to give them one more big splash. But that belly flop wasn't quite like the others. He didn't hit the surface of the lake in quite the same way. His belly flop was more of a dive, and as he pierced the lake's surface, he hit his forehead on the lake bottom. In the book he vividly recalls those moments, and the uncertainty of the moments that followed as he lay under the surface, uncertain as Nike Air Vapormax Glacier Blue

His book "A Dive Too Deep" details what happened to Peters on a July afternoon in 1964, and the 14 months that followed 14 challenging months that could have left him defeated, but instead invigorated him. He resolved to make the most of his Nike Vapormax Chukka Slip Black years ahead.

Peters' story would never have been written had it not been for his wife Penny. His book notes the sacrifices she made after her 24 year old husband became paralyzed, and the significance of having her in his life during the 14 month rebuilding process following his accident.

There were numerous edits and rewrites in the months after he finished his first draft, but the finished product rolled off the presses this fall, Peters noted.

Peters had what he thought to be a completed book about a year ago. He contacted Beaver's Pond Press of Edina about publishing his book, which agreed to help him bring his book to print.

Stories of paralysis as a result of a diving accident often conjure up images of a person diving into a pool and misjudging how deep the water is. For Peters, that fateful day involved a belly flop and a shallow lake in Wisconsin.

in 2012 with the Bloomington Human Rights Commission's annual award for his advocacy efforts.

Nike Vapormax Chukka Slip Black

When discussing his story with a friend, he came to a realization that became his personal mantra, as well as the subtitle of his book: "Surviving in spite of my disability, thriving because of my disability."

Writing his life story was a challenge because of the limited use of his right arm. His acquisition of voice recognition technology provided a transcription of his story. It turned out to be an important tool in putting his thoughts onto paper. Without it, "I probably wouldn't have finished," he said.

"She's the strongest person I've ever met," he said recently while reflecting Nike Vapormax Dark Explorer

Nike Vapormax Chukka Slip Black

At first glance, you might think he's bluffing, but to hear him tell his story, you quickly learn that he has happily played the cards life has dealt him.

Nike Vapormax Chukka Slip Black

His wish is that the book will provide a story of hope for young people who are facing difficult challenges in their life. The roads in the journey through life are full of detours, but the choice to persevere is ultimately up to the individual, he explained.

Nike Vapormax Chukka Slip Black

Nike Vapormax Chukka Slip Black

Bloomington man reflects upon his 'Dive Too Deep'

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