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So, despite last week's headlines and my excitement at Ms Henderson's commitment to the cause she is jumping on a bandwagon that has been gaining momentum as an increasing number of people realise that Geelong needs to transform itself as traditional industries depart.

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For nearly two decades, I have used the Scottish city of Dundee as an example of what can be achieved when people and organisations in a region unite and work together for a common goal.

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More recently, we had the creation of Enterprise Geelong and the visit late last year of the chair Nike Vapormax Blue On Feet

Since the mid 1990s, I have been using this column to drum up Geelong's credentials as

Ms Henderson's support is welcome because we do need voices in both federal and state Parliaments to push Geelong's case. The political commitment to developing Geelong as "a science city" has been sadly lacking on both sides.

Nike Vapormax Grey Womens

Nike Vapormax Grey Womens

Cr Harwood attracted criticism in relation to his trip last year, but Geelong will not get anywhere if its leaders simply sit at home hoping someone will stumble across our potential.

She has promised to be a voice for Geelong on the panel and told us that its chair, Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane, has already identified Geelong as a place that would benefit from Federal Government investment.

´╗┐bold experiment to secure Geelong's future

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Nike Vapormax Grey Womens

The big, competitive world outside doesn't operate that way and we will have to spend money to attract the investment and jobs we need to pave the way to a new future for our children and grandchildren.

Even at councillor level apart from Cr Harwood and, to a lesser extent, Cr Rod Macdonald there has been little interest.

Laurie Mills of Bowen Posted at 10:29 PM January 28, 2014

Smart ideas from a former editor of the Addy. Perhaps we need to go back to the original editor, James Harrison, for inspiration. After all, he was one of the pioneers of refrigeration (gleaning the idea from the spirits used to clean ink from the Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Men's Running Shoe

Ms Henderson is the first local Nike Vapormax Flyknit Black

As I have said before, we do not need to reinvent the wheel because there are other cities around the world that have already moved well down this track and have established reputations as "science cities".

how active it is and how it gets out into the world and chases new age particularly biotech/life sciences industries.

The sites demonstrate how successful it has been and how that success has also stimulated other activities, including city centre redevelopment and the arts. There are other cities, in Australia as well as overseas, at various stages of transition, we can learn from.

politician I have heard take up this cause in the 20 years or more I have been writing about it.

But we do need to do much more to "sell" Geelong to the world of life sciences or biotechnology and to other areas of science if we are to compete successfully and attract the research and, later, associated industries, to provide the new jobs we so badly need.

The fact that Ms Henderson will sit on the Federal Government's Victorian Economic Review Panel, which will oversee disbursement of the $100 million growth fund for regions affected by the downturn in manufacturing, is an added bonus.

Nike Vapormax Grey Womens

Nike Vapormax Grey Womens

of its advisory board, then acting Geelong mayor Cr Bruce Harwood, to the US as part of a Geelong delegation to a major bioscience meeting and a number of US science centres.

a "science city".

I have also applauded the advances we have made: Deakin's leadership, Barwon Health's research expansion, CSIRO's contribution, the creation of BioDeakin and BioGeelong and the involvement of The Gordon and the City of Greater Geelong.

I won't go into Dundee again today, but you can look up its various websites and see just

However, the CoGG showed vision and leadership in creating BioGeelong. It also has been a strong supporter of the Smart Geelong Network, chaired by Sue de Nike Vapormax Grey Womens Gilio, with its annual Research and Innovation Expo showcasing local research organisations and incorporating the annual Geelong researcher of the year awards.

Nike Vapormax Grey Womens

printing presses) and establishing Geelong as one of the original frozen meat exporters. He was ahead of his time " certainly there are others these days who can put their brains to good use and re establish the city as a centre of excellence (and not just on the footy fields).

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