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A 22 year old Bloomington man faces stalking and harassment charges as a result of his contact with a 17 year old Bloomington girl.

the home he shares with his mother. He was charged with fifth degree assault against both victims, Hart noted.

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Their communication increased to text messaging and phone calls, and in early November the suspect followed the girl from her high school to her home, according to the complaint.

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The girl reduced her communication with the suspect, who told her in his communication that he was depressed and wanted to kill himself by taking pills, according to the complaint.

As an officer was taking a report the girl's phone rang again. The officer spoke with the suspect, who said he had been calling and texting the girl excessively. He agreed to stop Nike Vapormax Jewel contacting the girl, but two hours later he was observed driving by her house again

Bloomington man faces stalking

The suspect made periodic trips to the grocery store in the subsequent weeks to make purchases when the girl was working, and the two eventually connected through Facebook, the complaint noted.

Police were called to the neighborhood and they identified the suspect's vehicle. A short pursuit ensued, and ended when the man pulled over and Nike Air Vapormax Anthracite

The suspect met the girl while she was working as a cashier at a Bloomington grocery store, according to the complaint filed in Hennepin County District Court. When the suspect first met her in early October, he made repeated purchases from her that day, which the girl found to be amusing at the time.

A 39 year old man brought his New Year's Eve celebration to a close by being arrested for assault. Jan. 1 on a report that the suspect had pushed his 59 year old mother into a wall and hit a 21 year old Prior Lake woman with a bar stool, according to Hart.

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Between Nov. 1 and Dec. 29 the girl estimated that the suspect drove by her house 50 times. On Dec. 29 the suspect sent a text message saying he wanted to speak with the girl's parents. When he was told not to come to her house, he continued to call the girl's cell phone and drove past her house. When her cell phone would not stop ringing, she asked her father for help. He called Bloomington police.

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Police arrived to find the man, who appeared to be intoxicated, outside Nike Vapormax Bred

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If convicted of stalking and harassment, both gross misdemeanors, the suspect faces up to one year in jail and a $3,000 fine on each count.

exited his vehicle, holding a knife to his throat. He was arrested without incident, according to Bloomington Deputy Nike Vapormax Dark Red

When a restaurant security officer attempted to break up a parking lot fight, the two suspects began punching the security officer, resulting in their arrest. A third person involved in the fight fled the scene, Hart noted.

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A 27 year old Bloomington man and a 26 year old Como, Colo., man were arrested following a fight outside of a Bloomington restaurant.

In early November the girl asked her parents if she could be friends with the suspect, and her parents told her they did not want her associating with him because of their age difference. The girl told the suspect that her parents did not approve and he replied that he would be depressed if he could not see her, the complaint stated.

Chief Rick Hart.

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The suspect was arrested Dec.

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