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Nike Vapormax Jfs

That changed one winter, however, when she injured her knee while snowboarding with her father. With her snowboarding season ended prematurely, Hira decided the time had come to pursue another interest she hadn't made time for: writing.

Anderson didn't tell her friends she was putting together a book because she didn't have a deadline to meet, and didn't want to be nagged by her friends as she was slowly assembling her ideas into what she describes as a 104 page gift book.

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Parenthood led to a six year stint working in the media center at Poplar Bridge Elementary in Bloomington, instilling in her a passion for children's literature. She traded screenplays Nike Vapormax Black

"This did not happen overnight for me," she said. "I had to work my butt off to get this. As an accountant and parent who makes time for recreational pursuits, such as snowboarding, there was little time for writing.

Although the books are aimed at adolescent boys, they have an appeal to girls, too, and have found an audience with readers young and old alike, according to Hira. The books also provide a way for children to connect with grandparents whose childhood was impacted by World War II, she said. "Grandparents could read with their teenagers and discuss things that happened during the war," she said.

Bloomington's annual writers festival and book fair is Saturday

After years of editing the work of others and facilitating a writing group for women, Anderson Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Purple

Nike Vapormax Jfs

Reaching children through her Dirkle Smat books was not easy. Were she starting out today, she might take advantage of the increased opportunities for self publishing. Several years ago she sought a publisher for her work, a quest that left her Nike Vapormax Jfs with moments of doubt. She was rejected by the first 20 publishers she solicited, and thought about giving up.

"This isn't as good as I thought it was," she recalled.

He had hoped for his new book, which he describes as historical fiction, to be ready in time for this year's book fair, but it won't be ready until this summer, he said.

Nike Vapormax Jfs

Along with Anderson, Lynn Garthwaite of Bloomington also serves on the event committee, and has published work to share as well. She graduated from college with the intention of writing screenplays. Her writing drew interest, but nothing was produced from it. That endeavor was set aside as her children were born, she recalled.

As a child, Garthwaite was intrigued by books that contained the classic elements of mystery, such as a secret passageway. She uses those elements in the Dirkle Smat series, and hopes that her stories go beyond entertaining young readers for a few hours. She aims to instill a lifelong love of reading. "If you can hook a kid when they're first starting to read on their own then you might hook them for life," she said.

"There's a little bit of absurdity in each of these," she said. Alfred Wellnitz used his experiences during the Korean War for his latest book.

Her first book, self published in 2011, incorporates snowboarding into the story while the second book, published last fall, uses an amusement park as the backdrop. Historic characters and elements are introduced into the story, thereby bridging the gap between the modern day and World War II, Hira explained.

"I'm an editor, I tell everyone else what to do," she said.

Nike Vapormax Jfs

for elementary fiction. Her Dirkle Smat series follows the adventures of five children who using their ingenuity to solve a mystery. Her chapter books are targeted for young readers who are ready to move Nike Vapormax Flyknit Cookies And Cream

Nike Vapormax Jfs

Nike Vapormax Jfs

tired of answering a simple question: How many books have you written? "It's time I go through the process," she determined.

And their books are quite unique, too. Old Shakopee Road.

But Garthwaite pressed forward, soliciting another 20 publishers. She had been rejected by 18 of them before being told yes. Her first book was published in 2006.

Nike Vapormax Jfs

Nike Vapormax Jfs

With an interest in World War II history and seeing a limited selection of adventure books aimed at boys, Hira set out to write historical fiction. Her books, "The Werwolf on Eagle's Nest Mountain" and "The Werwolf Experiment," combine settings that appeal to adolescent boys while incorporating historical elements in the books.

"Dog lovers will love it, cat lovers won't care," she said.

Hira described her books as a cross between a vintage mystery and Carol Burnett.

Nike Vapormax Jfs

beyond picture books for the first time, she explained.

Her first book is "In My Next Life I Want to be My Dog," a collection of one liners that she describes as "doggie wisdom 101.

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