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"We managed change as Nike Vapormax Mens Colors best as we can," he said. "We got a good group of adults that handle the changes to the best of their ability."

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According to Seplak, in 1967 when he was first hired the Bloomington School District was a quality district to work in and it still is today. Though the district has changed over his 45 years, with leaps in technology and the development of teaching styles, Seplak is proud of the progress that Bloomington has made.

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"After 45 years of basically teaching high school, I going to find out if there really is life after high school."

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Bloomington teacher retires after 45 years

He has been a part of many of the school district's firsts. In 2007, Principal Steve Hill decided that it was important for his school to participate in Minnesota's Teacher of the Year program. Since Hill did not want to personally nominate any teacher for the award and risk offending other great teachers, he made it so the faculty at Bloomington Jefferson would nominate their co workers in each department and then the finalists would be submitted to him.

biggest changes that impacted the district such as the new middle school alignment. Seplak was a part of the committee that was responsible for the recommendation to change to a sixth through eighth grade system.

Art Seplak proudly shows off a selection of his many awards gathered over 45 years of teaching. Aside from being a Minnesota's teacher of the year nominee, he was section Coach of the Year four times. (Photo by Anna Nadon Sun Newspapers Intern)

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from being one of the teachers who worked at Olson Middle School in its inaugural year, he was also a part of some of the Nike Vapormax Navy Blue

Aside from being a Minnesota Teacher of the Year Nike Vapormax Pure Platinum On Feet

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Aside Nike Vapormax Jewel Pack

Nike Vapormax Mens Colors

Nike Vapormax Mens Colors

With the fall approaching, Seplak still has not totally decided what he plans to do with his retirement yet, other than travel some and visit his grandchildren that do not live in the metro area. And, while he will miss his students most of all he is going to enjoy his time after high school.

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nominee, he was recognized by the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce and received the award for Overall Excellence in 1986. He was also honored many times as a coach. Most notably in 1997, after leading his Varsity girls soccer team through an undefeated regular season, Seplak was a national finalist for Coach of the Year.

"We been fortunate to get good people and good administrators who understand what it takes to be a classroom teacher and let good teachers teach, and support them as best as they can," Seplak said.

While he attributes a school district success to community and the administration working together, administrators also hold Seplak in high regard. According to Principal Hill, Seplak "is an expert at every aspect of education preparing students for a successful future," and that excellence shows in the many awards that Seplak has earned in his years as an educator.

In the first year the program, every department at the high school nominated Seplak, to compete to be Minnesota's Teacher of the Year that year. when Bloomington Jefferson won the National School of Excellence award in 2010. For Seplak there are two things that make a good school district, and Bloomington has them both: strong community and good school administration.

Art Seplak spent his 45 years in education as an eighth and ninth grade English teacher in the Bloomington School District, and has earned his title as the district longest tenured teacher. The Chicago area native settled in Minnesota after he graduated from St. Olaf College in hopes that it would be easier to find work in a good school district in the metro area than in Chicago.

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Not all the changes were big ones however: as technology evolved, so too did the way teachers approached some aspects of teaching. Both the copy machine and the computer helped make life easier for teachers, particularly those like Seplak who were not the best typists and find the delete key to be a revolution on its own. Other things, like cell phones, just ended up as ways to 'increase the silliness' of the students, especially considering that when Olson first opened, the school only had four telephone lines.

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