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The Federal Transit Administration gave Boise $375,000 for the study. The city kicked in $62,500, which came out of its General Fund, which is made up of tax dollars. Another $62,500 was put in by the Capitol City Development Corporation, which is funded by parking revenue and tax increment financing.

KBOI asked taxpayers how they felt about the now $563,000 price tag that comes with the survey.

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The city wanted to study four areas. With the money it had, it was able to cover the core, the east side of downtown and the Boise State area. But there wasn't enough left to cover the west side of downtown. So earlier this month, city leaders approved doling out another $63,000 of tax money to make that happen.

Nike Vapormax Og

Nike Vapormax Og

"Personally that's a lot of money to me to be doing a study," said Richard Torrey, who lives in Boise.

study will eventually pay off for taxpayers.

"That's an area where we have a new master plan, we've got a lot of development that's beginning to get interested, so we think it's very important to study there," Clegg said about the west side area that stretches all the way to Whitewater Park Boulevard.

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"I wonder why the buses aren't working," said Ben Gin, another Boise resident. "It seems to me like buses are a lot more versatile and unless they're maxed out, I don't know why we would want to go with a different system."

"Growing the economy, to Nike Vapormax Pink

The goal is to see if the City of Trees would benefit from a new transportation system and whether street cars, light rail, or a new bus system would work best. But planners decided they needed more money along the way.

´╗┐Boise spends big money to map out potential new transit system

The city plans to have the study done by the end of this year or early next year. If the plans get set into motion, construction could begin as early as 2017. Clegg says the downtown circulator system is only part of a larger, long term transportation goal to connect Boise with other cities in the Treasure Valley through a rail system.

ready," Trimboli said. "I think this puts us in position to be ready."

Nike Vapormax Og

Nike Vapormax Og

"It would run frequently and get you to various destinations within downtown once you get here," Clegg said. "It complements the existing bus system and is an addition to it. It's not duplicative."

Trimboli says that's why the city is paying for mapped out plans of how a 'downtown circulator' system would work in the City of Trees. The idea is to create an alternative form of transportation where people gather to work and play.

Hey Idahoans! Half a million dollars isn't what it used to be twenty years ago!!! Project managers, how much do you think a couple of full time experts, plus admin staff, plus logistics costs would add up to for a project of this size? Have any of you ever been to a city and thought "wow, who the heck came up with this transportation nightmare?!" Please be forward thinking, please be proactive and please please don't let backwards constituents rooted in decades old notions of monetary value derail a chance at rails! Even if you aren't a fan of the environment, even if you don't care if Boise's fantastic climate and clean air are degraded, can you ignore the long term economic impacts of short Nike Vapormax Og sighted transportation expenses? If we can increase public transportation opportunities, and market it to the citizens in Boise we'll have both short term and long term advantages. In the short term it's great to get an early start on infrastructure management, potential employers looking at Boise want to know, demand to know, whether or not the city invests in itself.

Nike Vapormax Og

But there are no guarantees. Still, city leaders say they feel the Nike Air Vapormax Ltr On Feet

Nike Vapormax Og

"The amount of money we had for the study is really just enough for three solid areas," Trimboli said.

"There's definitely going to be a point in time where there will be a need for this, and you can either be ready or not be Nike Vapormax Plus Cargo Khaki

"It may turn out that the status quo, the do nothing option, to keep it the way it is, is the best option," Trimboli told KBOI.

Councilwoman Clegg says a new system would serve a different purpose than Boise's already in place bus system.

If some of you aren't willing to pony up some bucks why would any outside group want to? In the medium and long term a better public transportation system will reduce waste. Less fuel consumption due to an efficient system of managing transportation needs means less demand which means lower gas prices. Right? Any fans of the invisible hand of the free market out there? There certainly are when minimum wage is on the forum! Additionally if traffic is managed better we can get a heck of a lot more out of our roads, and they aren't cheap! The writing is on the wall, Boise is growing, don't let Boise turn into a jumble of automobile arteries ready to be clogged with the cholesteral of future increased traffic demands. You're already still blowing through money by prosecuting and throwing each other in jail over pot, don't shoot yourselves in the other foot too!

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It is a possibility that the city could spend the entire $563,000 on the study and decide to do nothing with the circulator plans.

me, is something that is worth that kind of an investment," Clegg said.

"That's what this study does is determine if it's feasible," Clegg said. "We think it is. This will make sure that it is."

Nike Vapormax Og

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