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Boehner could face a challenge to his speaker position when House members choose their leadership after the November elections. Boehner said this summer that he was "all in" to seek another term as speaker, apparently quashing speculation that he has grown weary of the job.

But turning to Democrats more often to pass critical budget, transportation or immigration bills next year is a path toward potential mutiny by conservatives, Thurber said.

After passing a tax increase on the wealthy and $50.7 billion in aid for Superstorm Sandy largely with Democratic votes last year, he won back support by agreeing to the Tea Party's effort to withhold funding from Obama's healthcare law.

many different ways. We need people like Glenn to get us back between the bumpers of the bowling alley, and stay out of the gutters."

With Republicans now holding 234 House seats, it takes only 17 Republican "no" votes to sink legislation without Democratic support, giving the growing conservative bloc immense clout in legislative negotiations.

"There's just nobody in the middle anymore and nobody that's willing to cross parties to vote because of Nike Vapormax Off White White

Their arrival could mean even more headaches for Boehner, who has struggled in recent years to keep his fractious caucus together on critical battles over tax and spending bills, and most recently on legislation to secure border funding.

´╗┐Boehner's troubles with House conservatives may only get worse

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Some district conservatives expressed frustration with Petri's willingness to compromise with Democrats. He chairs a House subcommittee on highway construction, normally one of the few areas of bipartisan cooperation in Congress, and recently advocated higher fuel taxes to replenish the Highway Trust Fund a move that most Republicans have ruled out.

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Nike Vapormax Sprite

"It's going to be very difficult, if not impossible, for the next speaker to get to 218 without Democratic votes," said James Thurber, a political scientist at American University, referring to the majority needed to pass legislation in the House.

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It's been a rocky four years since Boehner took up his gavel in 2011. To remain speaker, Boehner has had to give in to caucus demands and find ways to pass more conservative legislation, Nike Vapormax White And Blue

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even if it had little chance of passing the Democratic controlled Senate.

"We've got to take the country back," said Gene Weyer, a retired corporate executive from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. "The country is going wrong in so Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Pure Platinum

Nike Vapormax Sprite

A further shift to the right in the House, continuing a trend that began with the Tea Party's surge in 2010, could signal another round of high stakes political showdowns early in the new year and ultimately threaten Nike Vapormax Sprite Boehner's leadership. credit ratings.

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Nike Vapormax Sprite

"I'm more conservative than John Boehner," Grothman told Reuters while greeting voters at a pancake house in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, a wealthy Milwaukee suburb.

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Grothman's narrow primary victory, which is expected to be confirmed this week, puts him on a path to take over for Petri in the heavily Republican eastern Wisconsin district he has represented since 1979.

The move led to a 16 day federal government shutdown but Boehner won points for listening to the conservative sentiment of his caucus.

this polarization," Thurber said.

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