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Nike Vapormax Tn

Heart Hospital of Lafayette

If a deal isn't reached, affected patients will be considered out of network for services received from the hospital, physicians and affiliates, effective February 1, 2010.

Nike Vapormax Tn

"The FMOL system is the highest paid group of hospitals in the state of Louisiana, we've offered them a modest increase, they were unable to accept the increase offered," said Reitz.

FMOL claims that following negotiations, BCBSLA offered zero increase. The company also has a response about being the highest paid group. It reads, "the truth is, we have no idea what other hospitals are paid, and it's pretty disingenuous for Blue Cross to make that claim since they're the only one who can verify it." Our Lady of Lourdes spokesperson Elisabeth Arnold adds, that the hospital system is very large. It includes:

The increase in reimbursement rates amounts to about 9 percent.

Nike Vapormax Tn

Nike Vapormax Tn

Wednesday afternoon, FMOL CEO John Finan fielded questions from dozens of local employers including Romero. The employers are trying to prepare now, Nike Air Vapormax Black And Red

Nike Vapormax Tn

Nike Vapormax Tn

Nike Vapormax Tn

´╗┐Blue Cross Blue Shield

Nike Vapormax Tn

Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center, Lafayette

The Tau Center of Baton Rouge

should January 31st end with no resolution. "We'd prefer not to change, but if we have to were ready to do that too," said Romero.

St. Elizabeth Hospital, Gonzales

St. We believe FMOL hospitals and providers offer quality care, and our current reimbursement rates are more than enough to continue providing that level of care. Because we could not agree to such a spike in healthcare costs, FMOL has decided that it will not renew its Nike Vapormax Plum

Nike Vapormax Tn

Time is running out for some Nike Vapormax Tn 200,000 patients in Acadiana who use Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center and Heart Hospital of Lafayette. Their Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance will no longer be accepted after February first.

On the radio, television and the web, the negotiations have become very public. Nike Vapormax Zero

Nike Vapormax Tn

Our Lady of Lourdes is hopeful that they can resolve their differences, but they want Blue Cross to take a step in their direction. "The modest single digit increase we're asking for is really the cost of inflation we're looking at things like technology, recruiting expenditures to bring physicians and nurses to this area, we feel like what we're asking for it's very reasonable," said Arnold.

With less than 30 days left before time runs out, patients are getting anxious. "Several have asked and we don't have any answers right now," said Real Estate employer Gail Romero of Van Eaton and Romero.

contract with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and HMO Louisiana, Inc."

Lourdes vs. Blue Cross Blue Shield

Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, Baton Rouge

Nike Vapormax Tn

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