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a form of communication, then you're behind the curve," said Boise State Political Science Prof. John Freemuth. "They are real now. They're part of the political game."

BOISE When Republican Jim Risch announced his candidacy for United States Senate last fall, a reporter asked the lieutenant governor if he read on line news or looked at blogs.

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And a Risch spokesman called some bloggers "left wing hate mongers".

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Democrat Larry LaRocco, who is running against Rish for the Senate seat, Nike Vapormax Black Metallic Red Bronze

Risch says the mockery and criticism come with the territory.

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Julie Fanselow has been blogging for Red State Rebels since 2003. She says she's hardly a hate monger.

"We're being taken more seriously by the media, and by politicians," said Faneslow. "It's like the voice of the people."

"I had to laugh when I heard (campaign manager) Jason Risch use that term," she said. "I'm a mild mannered middle aged woman who does this in my spare time to help get Democrats get elected."

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"And he said no, and no, with a little bit of pride, I thought," said Jill Kuraitis, the reporter who asked the question .

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And political experts say candidates who ignore the blogs do so at their own risk.

being Nike Vapormax White Green able to talk about issues without injecting that kind of thing," Risch said. "Others can't do that without injecting something."

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And in the left leaning Idaho blogosphere, Risch has been lampooned in a doctored video as an angry gnome by a blogger called Serephin at the blog site 43rd State Blues

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´╗┐Blogs gaining power in Idaho political campaigns

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"Some people are very civil and good about Nike Vapormax Grey Olive

"If you're not aware of them as Nike Vapormax Quality Shoes

said he's been helped by the blogs. "For example, I've raised over $170,000, helped by bloggers who spread the word about my campaign."

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